Sprinkler Systems

Want that bright inexperienced grass to last all year long?  Sprinkler systems are a vital method of making your lawn stunning. Mechanical sprinkler systems area unit key to maintaining a healthy field. though watering is vital it will vary with field kind and soil kind. The Soil kind your field provides is extremely vital once your decisive how briskly and the way typically water may be applied to the stuff and grass.

Different Mechanical Sprinkler Systems

  • Soaker hoses – Most gardeners area unit aware of the term soaker hose.  Soaker hoses may be wont to totally water flowers and plants. you’ll be able to conjointly rig a watering system to your desires by attaching soaker hoses to solid hoses. This way, you avoid wasting water.
  • Drip System – Drip Systems area unit the foremost economical watering system.. Its an honest thanks to water in soils as a result of the water is applied a lot of slower than most sprinklers permitting the soil to soak up the water and avoid any runoff. Drip devices use a neighborhood of the water that AN overhead spray unit would use. Specific source systems made from drip tube that’s set throughout a flower bed and feeds water on to the bottom of the plants at a rate the soil will absorb while not losing water to misting and runoff.
  •  Ancient Automatic Sprinkler Systems – ancient automatic spray systems area unit pop-up spray heads which will be adjusted to spray a full circle, 0.5 circle or  even 1 / 4 circle. The con of spray heads is that the majority of the time they’re less economical than rotor heads or different systems like drip systems, why? Its as a result of they place water down on the bottom quicker than soil will absorb it.
  • Rotor System – Rotor systems area unit a lot of economical than spray heads area unit. They apply water a lot of slower  than spray heads do, permitting the soil to soak up {much a lot of|far more|rather more|way more} water more with efficiency.


  • Sprinkler systems

AUTOMATIC sprinkler systems is that the key word here. we wish to form watering systems that ar simple to use, do not need plenty of observation and gets the work done. we tend to do that by analyzing the positioning and engineering a watering system that creates sense. we tend to take your garden’s size, microclimates and desires all into consideration. as an example: if you have got an oversized 2 acre website, you may save thousands of greenbacks a year by having U.S. install a satellite controlled sprinkler system. Whereas alittle coastal house property wouldn’t warrant the expense of such a system. the kinds of controllers we tend to use ar among the most important brands of Rain Bird, Hunter and Toro. we tend to use the Weather TRAK whole for our installations.

The simple mechanics of a watering system that stoppage year once year ar the premise of all of our installations.  For example, all of our field and ligneous plant risers ar put in with “swing joints” that ar multi-directional swivel joints that defend the PVC pipes from breaking even once field mowers or youngsters intervene. we tend to place the remote controlled valves wherever they’re hidden by plantings, however simply accessed for repair and repair.  No valves or mainlines ar set close to a home’s foundation.  The layout and spacing of heads ar designed to stay wetness removed from a home’s exterior.

With the water shortages and apportionment, Torrey Pines Landscape has been on the vanguard of utilizing the latest irrigation technology. we tend to replace water-wasting mounted nozzle heads with the new mini-rotating heads from Hunter Industries or Rain Bird. we tend to also are changing some systems to underground drip systems wherever it is sensible to put in them. we tend to conjointly utilize plant food injection with our drip systems yet.

Whether you have got an oversized garden, or a little one, you’ll need a peace of mind in knowing that we’ve got taken the time to show you to grasp your new irrigation system.  What this all means that is simply} will figure your new automatic watering system to use just the proper quantity of water at the proper time to stay your garden lovely and healthy!

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