Tampa Watering Restrictions

Tampa watering restrictionsIt’s important that you have your sprinkler system set to run on the proper days to avoid any fines. Check out the┬áTampa watering restrictions and Hillsborough County water rules and keep your Tampa lawn green so we can provide great service.

Hillsborough County Restrictions

Many people wonder when to water or how much to water, don’t worry here are some some tips to keep your grass from turning into dry brown crunchy bristles. Just don’t forget about Tampa watering restrictions. People often find themselves wondering how to keep that luscious green grass. The answer, water. Watering your grass can be tricky when it comes to things like how much should i water?, how often should i water?, whens the best time to water, etc. Well to start the best time to water your lawn is in the morning. The cool air and damp grass help prevent the loss of water due to evaporation. Research says up to 60% of water is evaporated when watering in the mid day or afternoon. The dew in the morning covering your grass serves to help keep the grass in its natural state. I know what your thinking, what about at night time? It turns out watering at night isn’t as smart as it sounds yes it wont evaporate nearly as fast as it would in the morning or daytime but that’s just it. The night time doesn’t allow the water to evaporate which]h increases the chance of disease and fungi.

How long you should water your grass is an important factor to keeping a beautiful yard as well. Most people recommend watering to about 1/2 to 3/4 inches of water. Which is estimated around a half an hour of watering.

Early months of the year typically spring time is critical to watering. Depending on the area you are located the watering restrictions may allow for watering twice a week and if you follow what has been recommended to your area then your yard wont have any problems. Other months through the summer May – Sept also need water twice a week. Fall and winter months sometimes dont need any water at all and depending on the area and conditions less than you think.

Tampa watering restrictions

Flowers are among the easiest of plants to water only once or twice a day they need a little sip of h2o and they are good to go! this can be done with a simple garden hose.

Shrubs and bushes need a certain amount of water depending on how long they have been planted. For example, up to 3 months in the ground, need to be watered up to about 2 times a week. It doesn’t have to be a long cycle about 10-20 minutes will do just fine. New shrubs and bushes on the other hand need to be watered daily up to the first 3 months of them being planted.